A wisp of a dream

The husband caught me off guard this morning. He was working in the study, I was making the bed in the bedroom while listening to the soundtrack of Wicked!. Only I wasn’t just listening. I was singing along at the top of my lungs and twirling and dancing around the bed. He entered the room in the middle of the romantic duet ‘As Long As You’re Mine’ and caught me singing soulfully to thin air.

So my Prince has entered the scene. But instead of joining his voice with mine and pulling me into his arms, his face froze in one of Stephen Chow’s classic exaggerated ‘stunned’ expressions. And *poof!* my fantasy evaporated. *wry*

I don’t think I’ll ever stop bursting into song and fantasy, no matter how old I get. If our children could share this love of mine, I’d be more than happy to play-act and sing along with them. How wonderful that would be! But of course I have to contend with the possibility that one day I may be confronted with not one but even two or three slapstick Stephen Chow imitations. Pfft!

I wish… that one day I will finally get down to taking some singing lessons. And find an opportunity to sing with friends for fun. Not exactly in a choir, as I’ve tried that before and it’s not for me. But something that allows great spontaneity and even drama. With kindred spirits who can lose themselves in the music and the moment and don’t care what they look like when they do!

As Long As You’re Mine


  1. The singing sounds like a plan :) Do keep me in mind in future! :) One of my dreams is to write my own music at home! Haha.. Maybe you can be my vocal partner :)

    Aiyah, coming from a family of all males, I think I can be resigned to the fact that the only ‘kindered spirits’ in musicals etc, would be my gal friends :) I’ll probably be watching more Stephen Chow movies (or the likes), than musicals in future :P

  2. Yes, yes, YES!!! Let’s sing! Hey we should really have a singing session! I miss it so much… when still in our teens, John would sing with me cos we watched the same musicals… I used to sing duets with him.

    Zibin insists he can’t sing, though I think it’s just that he hasn’t been taught the proper technique. He actually has a nice voice! But it will be tough to convince him.

    Ah ah ah we should pick some songs and learn them together! But when can we do that??

    Oh and hey now that you’re a music teacher, if you know of small group voice lessons, or better yet, classes where they teach singing of the musical theatre sort (not pop song, but not super classical either), can let me know??

  3. i can sing too. Majulah Singapura. always with pride, filled with gusto. want to hear? i sing for Althan too, his favourite lullaby, on my ‘duty nights’ to put him to bed. he can sing it too. want to hear him sing? heh-heh

  4. Haha.. JF also insists he can’t sing. He says he is tone-deaf :) But singing is about enjoyment, not performance, so I’m sure the guys can sing very well together :) Oh, I think ZH can sing very well! :) He has been singing tremendously, even his teacher wrote me an email specially about this… :)

  5. Wow! I think Yinwei and Ying’en will be a great group in singing!
    Jia you! I also think you 2 will go far!
    Can’t wait!

  6. ha ha ha… i know eh, JS is so cute. We’ll go far into fantasyland where we’re all characters in some musical! :P

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