God's love song

I woke up today feeling a little under the weather. My husband informs me with a smile that he has a meeting at MINDEF in the morning and can drop me off at the doorstep of my office.

As I started work, I began to have a throbbing, splitting headache that grew steadily worse. My colleague offered to take over my task for the day so that I could go home and rest.

As I walked out of church, wondering what to do for lunch, I decided to call my husband to inform him I was going home early. As it turns out, he was still in the neighbourhood (not yet at Paya Lebar) and he said he could fetch me home AND have lunch with me.

I slept the afternoon away, a luxury of rest I have not had in a long time. When I woke up, I had a sudden craving for Korean strawberries – something I have not had for a really long time.

I went to my in-laws’ place for dinner. On the way over, I tell my husband that I wish to have a particular dish his dad cooks, and I wonder when he’d cook that dish again.

Guess what? That dish was on the dinner table. And one of the first things my mother-in-law told me after seeing me was that she bought Korean strawberries for me because it’s been a long time since she’s done so.

What can I say, except Lord, I feel your love so deeply. I hear your love song loud and clear.

I love you too!


  1. Indeed. It’s so true that there is nothing too insignificant that God will not heed. And the greatest thing is that there can be no earthly boyfriend or husband with God’s resources to show such love! :)

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