True strength

Of what great accomplishment is it to “win friends and influence people” if I have not conquered myself?

How much time do I spend focusing on the defects of others as compared to my own short-comings? How easily do I get distracted by what others do or fail to do? Would it not profit me much more to contemplate on how I can become more perfect in my adoration of the Lord?

Guard your heart, Ann! Keep the holy ground of your heart sacred, in sweet silence and solemn solitude. Let it not be invaded by chatter or over-familiarity with anything else, for this sacred space is meant for God and God alone!

I pray for inner peace.

Lord, help me to keep my inner-room tidy and quiet, so that I may retire there often to be with You, and to hear You tell me over and over again, “You are my Beloved. I love you. The Father and I are One. So too are you one with us in our love.” Amen.

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