When God speaks

God called me to visit a friend in hospital today.

“Couldn’t you have sent me on a day when I am actually feeling your love and presence, Lord?”

I had been feeling very low over the last several days. How could I bring hope and peace to my injured friend when I was feeling so miserable? And yet, the urge that I should see her remained strong. I began to feel that I would not have peace today if I did not visit her.

“Just go, Ann.” I sighed deeply and managed to get myself out of the house with what little energy I had.

“OK Lord, I don’t know what I can do… but I’m trusting you.”

God had a surprise for me. Just this very morning, my friend had had her first deep and personal encounter with God.  She was crying with happiness. I realized that I had been sent this very day to be touched by her testimony, and to affirm her about her experience. Along with another friend who had been released uncharacteristically early from lecture, the three of us marveled at the wonder of God’s love as we huddled at Bed 60 in Ward 6C of TTSH. Each of us felt a deep sense that we were called there today to drink in this experience together.

It is so simple: Just trust Him. Do what He tells you. His love will always amaze you.

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