Prayer of Surrender (Intellect)

Lord, I surrender my intellect to you today.

Thank you for blessing me with intelligence. But in my life I have abused your gift – I’ve taken pride in what knowledge I gained… Let it puff me up and hurt others… Forgotten you in my vanity.

Let me not have any knowledge unless it be what pleases you for me to know. Please purify my intellect so that what I learn will gleam with truth and love. Banish any self-serving, greedy desire to know anything, even that which is good, unless it be time for me to know. Let me know only what I am ready to receive, and only that which helps me to serve more humbly and love more selflessly.

Let my intellect, my entire being, be at your service through and through. Let knowledge bring me closer to you and your people, never further away.

Lord, I surrender my intellect to you today.

Help me to surrender it to you everyday.


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