The sure road to heaven

Nada. Nada. Nada.  St John of the Cross had written that the sure road to heaven was the path of nothingness. And it is by pure grace that we can tread on this path! For it is not in our fallen human nature to hold nothing. Even as we strive towards Christ with hearts blazing with love, we cannot help but grasp what we love. We learn to let go of what is less worthy in exchange for something better. But then []

Flee. Be set apart. Become incarnate. (Repeat)

So often I have observed people who have just begun to taste the goodness of God stagnate in their journey because they do not flee their old way of life. With the little they have received they wish to feed the ravenous multitude, not realising that there is still more of the World in them than there is Christ. Because there is still so much of the World in them, they fail to see the chains that still bind them, and thus []

Graham Cooke

“When you are in a community that is filled up with a Kingdom understanding and a Kingdom desire, it doesn’t matter how small it is. That community is going to produce more than its share of warriors, champions and game-changers!”

Our actions speak so loudly they never hear our words.

The more you look upon His face, the more beautiful He becomes. The more time you spend with Him, the more irresistible He grows. Focus on Him and you will find there is nothing worth holding on to that does not bring you into deeper union with Him. The answer to discipleship is simple: Be with Him.

Knowing who I am is the foundation to knowing the purpose for which I am created. Neither can be accomplished without an intimate relationship with my loving Creator. For it is in being known that I come to know, and it is in being loved by God that I learn to love.