Time to live the Gospel

I opened my journal with a troubled heart, intending to write my way into prayer. Instead, my eyes fell on another old entry with words that speak to my lived situation here and now.  From an entry dated 8 April 2013: “Love is meant to be wasted,” you tell me. “Be bold and daring. Why are you always afraid of loving people more than they love you? That is how I love! Name me one person who loves Me more than I []

Let Darkness have its day

From a retreat journal entry in April 2013 Darkness cannot abide the Light. Those in darkness yearn for the light, but in so far as they have been touched by darkness, they hate the light. And so it is that they both fear and yearn for the light of Christ, attracted and repelled by the one thing that will save them. For this reason Christ both attracts and repels. For men loathe what they fear, even though what they fear is nothing []


Relax. You will come to be at home in the wet and dark; you will come to see beauty there and rejoice!

C.S. Lewis

“Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 3:13-14    

Pope Francis WYD 2013

“Faith in God’s Son, who became man and who died for me, must make a mess, must disturb us out of our complacency… Please, do not water down the faith… Stir things up, cause confounding, but do not diminish faith in Jesus Christ.”

I am free

I come back to you, Lord. I come with my mixed up feelings, confusing impulses, with all that’s in me. I run from company and then I run to company. I am at peace, and then I am in turmoil when some word or action hurts me. There is no peace, no stability to be found in human company – not even of the best kind – for peace and stability can only be found in you. In you friendships flower. Our []

Scrutinise me

Word of God, scrutinise me. Probe me, examine my heart. Expose what needs exposing, Heal what needs healing, And bring to light all that hides in darkness. For I am yours I have given my self over to you. I no longer wish to possess a will independent of you. What you wish, I wish What you will, I will When you move, I’ll move Where you go, I’ll go Let me follow you and my joy will be complete.

Keep it simple

Note to Self: The Enemy is wily. He wants to keep your energy and attention focused on things that seem to be of great significance for the Kingdom of God but which in reality are really quite unimportant. For instance, he wants you to be overly concerned with your own sanctity and on others’ spiritual progress. You see, when you expend so much energy on monitoring yourself or others, you are fooled into thinking that you are actually doing something to help []