St Therese of Lisieux

“…I believed it was quite impossible for me to understand perfection better. I learned very quickly since then that the more one advances, the more one sees the goal is still far off. And now I am simply resigned to see myself always imperfect and in this I find my joy.”

The hardest word to say to God

When I was 18 years old, I had asked God for my mission in life. “Are you willing to suffer for me?” He had asked. Stunned and abashed, I confessed that I wasn’t ready to say ‘yes’ to such a question. The Lord lovingly replied, “Until you are able to say ‘yes’ to this question, you are not ready to know your mission in life.” And then He told me that if I was willing, He would make me his soldier. But there would []

Paul Ellis

“The love of God is the greatest force in the universe. Sin wilts before it. When you encounter the undaunted and unending love of Christ, it changes you. You no longer want to sin. The passing pleasures of this world lose their appeal because you have found a love that is truer and better by far.”

What Strange God Is This

What strange God is this Who maims to heal Who strikes to reconcile Who tears apart to make whole? What strange God is this Whose love burns Whose truth stings Whose mercy judges and compassion convicts? What strange God is this Who wounds with kisses Who pursues from the cross Who embraces with suffering and crowns beloveds with thorns? What strange God is this Who blinds me with love Who pierces me with longing Who lures me into darkness Where I can []

Pure Love

Pure Love, yes, I met him once Upon a tree he hung “My kingdom,” he cried, “My kingdom! My kingdom for a cross!” “Why do you hang there?” I asked. “Because my extravagance offends.” “Is there anything I can do to help you?” I asked again. “Take up my cross. Take up my cry. Lavish me on the world recklessly, wastefully.” “But, will they not crucify me too?” “Aye, that they will,” he replies. “And when that day comes, your name will []