An Evening with Dionysus

Image hosted by Look. Swirl. Nose. Taste. Exhale. It was a night of education in pleasure at the Highwood Wine Cellar where I attended a Wine Appreciation Dinner with Zibin, my sis-in-law and her fiance. “Dinner” was a misnomer as only finger foods were served. But there wasn’t much complaining as the headliners of the evening were not disappointing. We tasted two Argentinian wines – Alamos’ Malbec & Chardonnay and two American wines – Washington Hills’ Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz. In between heady sips of wine, I managed to retain some interesting information. E.g. whites become darker with age while reds become lighter in colour with age and better wines have a more lingering aftertaste. Being a wine novice, it was interesting to learn some new wine vocabulary. Now I at least know to describe wines as acidic, not sour…and as having high tannin content rather than bitter. That aside, my undiscerning nose and palate are still far from being able to describe the flavours in the wine. How on earth do they taste coffee, chocolate, wood, mineral…? At best I can taste that a wine is fruity or spicy, dry or medium…and maybe, just maybe I can tell the difference between a light and full-bodied wine if I’m given some grounds for comparison. Well, at least I’m one step closer to becoming less ignorant about wine.

“Drink with me to days gone by…to the life that used to be…”

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