Nano Wait No More

Today was… Fun! Amusing! Enjoyable! Entertaining! Pleasurable! Ha ha…no, I haven’t gone nuts. I’m just still amused by Dictionapolis’ 5 cabinet members who speak in synonyms one after another. Yes, I’m talking about the Duke of Definition, Minister of Meaning, Earl of Essence, Count of Connotation and Undersecretary of Understanding. (Intrigued yet? Go and get a copy of Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth :P)

By a happy coincidence, Yinwei had a half-day today, so we met up in the afternoon. Such a nice, familiar afternoon…doing what we always do best: eat and talk. Along the way we managed to buy a couple of bottoms from Giordano, a baby bottle from Robinsons, some CD-Rs and protective covering for my new ipod nano from Funan… but as usual, we were talking while doing everything. We talked about our friends (what they’re doing now), she updated me about her baby, her husband, i updated her about my work, my life in Toronto and about Zibin…we talked about old days in Toronto, and about the MBTI.

It was a good day. And it ended nicely too, because I finally picked up my new (free) nano. :)

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