New Phone (Again?!)

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Yep. Totally unplanned, unexpected…But as of yesterday evening, I’ve got a new cell/mobile phone. A Samsung SGH-E730 It started simply enough, with me shopping with my mom for a new digital camera for John (my mom’s present to him for his commissioning + Christmas). And she’s been looking for a palm for herself for a while…so she got that too. Then, I told her that Zibin and I were thinking of getting John a new mobile phone to replace his terribly battered motorola. But, since John’s line was under my mom’s name, my mom had to go with me to Singtel to make the purchase.

So, I found a phone for John. We had intended to trade in John’s old Nokia 6060 (one which he hadn’t used since he went into the army) for the new phone to offset the cost. But the new phone was just $100. And it turns out, John’s old phone had a trade-in value of $250. This ‘dilemma’ started a whole new chain reaction.

In the end, my mom and I left with 3 new phones instead of one… 1 for her, 1 for John (Samsung SGH-X200), and 1 for me. John’s old Nokia 6060 and my Nokia 7270 had been free (due to vouchers my mother gets annually) and each had a trade-in value of $250. My mom’s old Nokia 6100 was worth $60. Anyway, after all the calculations had been done, it works out my new phone is free…again :)

And in case anyone is wondering… it’s very user-friendly, and though I naturally made comparisons with Nokia, my assessment so far is that it is quite a sterling find :P

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