The 'Laugh-at-Ann Fest' Trilogy (III)

Ok, this story is probably the most embarrasing, at least to me. My friends love recalling this story because it illustrates my infamous er… gluttony. But I must put a disclaimer. When this incident happened, I was extremely hungry, and I had queued up very long to get my bowl of chicken hor fun. Furthermore, it was very noisy so I couldn’t hear properly!


I was at the St. Nicks canteen for a late lunch. Again I can’t really recall who I was waiting for, but I had already gotten my bowl of hor fun and was waiting at a table for my friend(s) to join me. We have this unspoken practice among us, see. We always waited till everyone had gotten their food and are seated before digging in together. So although I was extremely hungry, I waited (so nice, hor?).

While I was sitting there impatiently, 洪老师, our H.O.D. of Chinese walked past the table I was at. She stopped beside me, pointed to the bowl of hor fun in front of me, and asked me something which I didn’t exactly hear because of the din. I acted from instinct.

Me: *grabbing the bowl of hor fun possesively* “这是我的!”
老师:*taken aback and smiling rather amusedly* “我知道这碗是你的。 我是问你,你的这碗面是哪里买的!”

I think I must have blushed to the roots of my hair. Of course I very sheepishly told her which stall I got it from. Fortunately, 洪老师 was more tickled than anything at my reaction.

Against my better judgment, I recounted what happened to my friends when they came. And of course, they have never let me live this down since!


Ok lah, I tell three embarrasing stories liao. This should satisfy the blood-lust, right? :P


  1. hahah ann…. one aspect of ur memory to correct. in fact as I remember it, quite a few of us were already seated with you…. and we saw the WHOLE THING… don’t know who else u recounted it to… or probably we recounted it for u. :)

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