My Hokkien 'education'

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, my extremely pithy understanding of Hokkien is unfortunately limited to vulgarities and a few ‘name-calling’ nouns. However, over the last week, I’ve doubled my Hokkien vocabulary (which roughly means I’ve learned half a dozen more phrases or words). Why? Because of an amusing Hokkien song that John gave me and which Zibin immediately made into my handphone ring-tone for when he (Zibin) calls me.

Presenting… Hokkien Speeding: [audio:

And here’s a literal English translation (Hokkien-Mandarin by ZB, Mandarin-English by me) for your entertainment:

Drive car everywhere go really nice to play
Some people want to speeding some people want to slowly go
Some people one hand driving one hand girlfriend hug
Some people look at girl but knock into old ah-poh
Red light green light see not clear, dash across then accident
Drink alcohol drive car knock people is your life’s big mistake
Pager if beeping you have to endure, call handphone kenna ‘summon’
Want to go CBD bus lane must know how to ‘siam’ (avoid)

Drive car everywhere go is not nice to play
If you are not careful surely got people collapse
Drive car everywhere go must not anyhow play
If you want to ‘iron-teeth’ (be stubborn), *heh heh* license will confiscate!

(spoken in Mandarin)
People say road like tiger mouth
Traffic rules you must obey
Red light stop, green light go
Yellow light come on don’t step on gas
Rather late for few minutes
Don’t be in a rush to give your life!

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