Knowing my heart

I asked myself today, “How do you really feel about this motherhood thing? Do you want to have children?” I replied, Yes I do. I have always loved children. I always wanted to be a mother and take care of children. I want to love them, protect them, and see them grow up. I want my own children. I do. But that is not my greatest desire. There is something I want even more; and that is fulfilling God’s purpose for me. “Be it []

“Alone with the Alone,” John Maloney, SJ.

“Silence is the language of deeper, infused prayer that the Holy Spirit gives to God’s poor children who hunger and thirst for his word. Ultimately it is the ability to live in mystery. For those who enter into this mystery, there is real communication, deep love, full healing and maturity. But how few are ready to pay the price to enter deeply into mystery and stay there. Prayer is a mystery; silence is its language.”


In prayer it was revealed to me that there are three spiritual pillars I need to root myself deeply in: 1. Prayer []

St. Pope John Paul II

For a stalk to grow or a flower to open there must be a time that cannot be forced: nine months must go by for the birth of a human child; to write a book or compose music often years must be dedicated to patient research…to find the mystery there must be patience, interior purification, silence, waiting.