Month: October 2007

Embracing 'Auntie-hood'

In Toronto, every now and then, Wanting would comment that we (i.e. she, Melissa & me) were quite ‘auntie’. Once, when Jing Jing and I went to West Mall’s Shop n Save, she commented that what we were doing was so ‘auntie’. Today, upon grocery shopping and buying herbs and sharing soup recipes with Yinwei, she also commented that we were so ‘auntie’. What exactly is ‘auntiehood’? Shopping where other aunties shop? Buying groceries? Having your life revolve around cooking and cleaning []


From this week’s Sacred Space: The experience of weakness deepens both our sensitivity to human need and our experience of prayer. There is an important consequence for all of us: we must make such a life possible for one another. We must support one another in weakness, forgiving one another our daily faults and carrying one another’s burdens. It would be absurd to see weakness as an essential part of our calling, and then to belittle those who are deficient, to resent []

OPL Sweethearts

I had an unexpected treat today. I got to hear the voices of the three dear girls staying in my Toronto apartment! Initially it was a call of necessity to sort out some information the condo’s management office needed… but of course we ended up talking a bit and catching up. Wanting “Hi!!!” I love her phone greetings. *grin* The unmistakable delight of recognition conveys a wealth of warmth and affection. My trusted friend and the current ‘big sister’ of the OPL []

A Treasure

Sometimes I get frustrated by the long working hours that Zibin has. That guy has so much to do at work that he’s usually out the front door by 7a.m. (sometimes earlier) and only comes home around 8:45p.m. Quite often it’s later than that and we only have dinner between 9 or 10p.m. (It comes with working in an air base though, and outside of the long hours and heavy workload, he doesn’t have much to complain.) As tired as he is, []

He makes me laugh

We were at a crowded shopping mall in Orchard Rd. He went to the POSB atm to withdraw cash. Knowing that he would want to hand some cash to me right away, and not thinking that it’s a good place to do so, I shook my head silently and subtly (or so I thought) at him as he was walking back towards me. He raised his eyebrows when he saw me shaking my head. As he still hadn’t kept his wallet, I []

Proud to be 'Chinese Educated'

Recently I met with a good friend who told me that after having helped out at my wedding, she had decided she wanted to send her future children to ‘Chinese education’ schools. It was a conversation that has got me still thinking. She witnessed a warmth and a kind of closeness and sense of community among Zibin’s friends and my friends that she says her parents had with their friends (her parents were both from Chinese schools), but that she had never []

Unmasking romance

When it comes to love and romance, you can say I’m bi-polar. Growing up, I adored fairy-tales with their ‘love at first sight’ encounters and happily-ever-afters. From my pre-teen years till when I was 18 yrs old, virtually any fiction that did not have an element of romance failed to entice me (with the notable exception of The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy). Romantic moments in novels and films would set my heart a-flutter quite shamelessly. Yep, I’m a girly-girl when it []


In baby world, nothing says “I’m happy to see you!” like farting and pooping in your lap! At least, I’d like to think that since that’s exactly what Qiyang did to me today. It was such a loud and smelly affair happening less than 30cm from my face that I couldn’t help bursting into laughter, an action that earned me a quizzical look from Yinwei’s latest bundle of joy who is all of 1 month and 2 days old. :P P.S. Sherry, []

Curb that enthusiasm

That title is supposed to be ironic cos these days I have barely any enthusiasm. I think the great contributors to this unlikely situation is 1. the still unsettled state of my thesis topic selection and 2. an unnamed upcoming event that just gives me the blahs each time I think of it. There’s something I can do about 1. Nothing I can do about 2. except try and muster up some cheer and optimism and hope. Thing is, I’ve never been []