Month: December 2007

Before 2008 arrives

2007 has come and gone. It has been a blessed year full of interesting lessons. There were disappointments. There was pain and bitterness. Some things that I had hoped would be different this year didn’t change much at all. There’s still division and selfishness and unforgiveness within my life, as well as within me. But still it has been a good year. For if there’s one important lesson I learned in 2007 it is that goodness is determined by both light and []

Song for 2007

If there’s a song that sweetly sums up the journey I’ve been on in 2007, it’s the one I’m sharing in this entry. :) It’s originally from the animated film Joseph: King of Dreams. Better Than I [from Joseph: King of Dreams] I thought I did what’s right I thought I had the answers I thought I chose the surest road but that road brought be here So I put a fight and told You how to help me Now just when []

Not my cup of Vivoci-tea

I don’t know if it’s the crowd (which wasn’t too bad today already), or the design (I felt like I was on a merry-go-round just trying to navigate the place), or just that I’m not a fan of shopping malls, but I got a headache doing my Christmas shopping at Vivocity today. I hadn’t planned to go shopping. But my original appointments for the day were cancelled, and then I found out that John had taken leave today to go Christmas shopping. []

Arigato, Sherry!

Snow covered Baldwin St, courtesy of Sherry Of all the snowy photos I’ve seen of Toronto this week, this one’s my favourite because of sentimental reasons. It contains places that have become so much a part of my life in Toronto. Kowloon, Sambuca Grill, Konichiwa, Fujiyama, Gateway of India… the little organic store, Yung Sing bakery, The Little Video Store. So many sweet memories of walking in and out and through that little street with Zibin, John, and dear friends from different []

Talented Mama

Shermaine Wong, the author of the blog Offsprings, recently performed at the Esplanade with Re:Mix, a chamber string orchestra. After hearing the recording she posted on her blog, I wish I had known about this concert earlier. They played the Beatles, Nat King Cole, Teresa Teng and Shanghai Jazz, examining how the music has become the ‘standards’ of today. It would have been a light and very enjoyable concert! And furthermore, I also think it would be cool to watch her perform. []

Wistful for snow

Toronto had its most major snowstorm since 1999 this past weekend. I couldn’t resist looking for some images… I still remember the snowstorm of 1999. Three memories stand out. 1. Walking across the parking lot from my residence to school in Scarborough through a blinding blizzard 2. Going into Chinatown Centre downtown with Sandy when it had just started to snow, and coming out barely 30mins later to a shockingly white Spadina Rd (at least 10cm of snow) 3. Sitting in the []

A café with heart

Yesterday, Ivy & I met up to have some heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind discussion about the ideas, reflections, questions and inspirations that we’ve come across in our studies. (Ivy is currently studying for her masters degree at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.) It was a stimulating afternoon as we were mutually enriched by new ideas and information that we could bring back to our own work. Our tête à tête was aptly enjoyed in a fascinating little café called Food []