Put to work

It’s official… starting tomorrow I’m going to be a full-time staff in my parish of St. Mary of the Angels. I’ve been recruited into the Catechist Office to help plan and implement the curriculum and program (from Pr 1 to Sec 4) and how to integrate it into the spiritual development of the parish at […]

The Paul Team

Last night was the first general meeting of the Paul the Musical committee that I attended. It went on from 8p.m. to practically 11p.m. and when I left, the creative team and publicity team were still there. But I had a blast! I haven’t realized how much I missed working in a team. And such […]

DC Talk's "My Will"

It’s a little embarrassing to think back on the time when I was so infatuated with Zibin (early courtship days) that I’d be game to try whatever he liked, even against my own tastes. Chilli, coffee, raw fish, Stephen Chow, C-pop, and… Christian Rock. I have always generally preferred worship music of the more soothing […]