Month: February 2009

The stars, a rainbow, and rain…

Recently many of the people I know are going through really tough times. Family members seriously ill or injured, on the brink of losing jobs, going through personal crises etc. But I think it’s wonderful how God shows His love for my friends through nature, and how they somehow feel this love even if they do not attribute it to him. A friend studying abroad was depressed and crying while on a journey between two cities. She suddenly looked up and noticed []

Anything can happen

I haven’t shared the story of how I ended up being a full-time staff in my church, and with the main portfolio of being the ‘work plan secretary’ (the SAF term) of implementing the Roadmap vision across the various departments and communities in the parish. About 10 days ago, my mother saw an advert in the Catholic News that my parish was looking to hire a full-time Youth Worker. This person would mentor the youths in the church and be in charge []

First Day at Work

I love my new job! It’s so cool that my boss would sit down with me to chat and listen to the ways I think I can help him with his plans for the church. At the end of the chat, I ended up with a completely new and different portfolio than the one I was given with the job offer yesterday. An even more fun one! Our parish of St. Mary of the Angels had launched a Roadmap at our Parish []

Put to work

It’s official… starting tomorrow I’m going to be a full-time staff in my parish of St. Mary of the Angels. I’ve been recruited into the Catechist Office to help plan and implement the curriculum and program (from Pr 1 to Sec 4) and how to integrate it into the spiritual development of the parish at large. Interesting how things work out. At 15 I had once wanted to be Education Minister so I can revamp Singapore’s education system. But now I get []

animann to go public

My dear friends, I have decided that the time has come for my blog to go public. Through the last few years, this private space has been a nursery and haven for me to explore and grow in my writing and sharing, and it has been wonderful. As you can probably tell from the last few weeks, my writing has taken on a new direction. What direction that is I am also still uncertain, but I feel a strong prompting that what []

Now this is living

I remember sometime last year feeling envious of Ivy because she was so busy. Well, not because she was just busy – but because I felt she was busy with so much purpose. She is of course not the only one I know who is busy with work – but she stood out in that practically everything she had to be busy with was something she believed in. I envied her that she had the guts to choose a path that was []

Surpassing expectations

Today I had a lunch appointment with Assoc. Prof Ng Pak Tee (NIE), another one of my thesis committee members. The purpose was to tell him that I have decided to take a leave of absence from my PhD studies. I was not apprehensive at all as I knew that as a Christian himself, he would be understanding about my reasons. But God surpassed my expectations yet again, for not only was my “Lao Shi” as I call him understanding, he was []

The Paul Team

Last night was the first general meeting of the Paul the Musical committee that I attended. It went on from 8p.m. to practically 11p.m. and when I left, the creative team and publicity team were still there. But I had a blast! I haven’t realized how much I missed working in a team. And such a diverse team it is! We have an SAF sniper with a passion for drama who is our (very experienced) Technical Manager (woooah!). We have a guy []

DC Talk's "My Will"

It’s a little embarrassing to think back on the time when I was so infatuated with Zibin (early courtship days) that I’d be game to try whatever he liked, even against my own tastes. Chilli, coffee, raw fish, Stephen Chow, C-pop, and… Christian Rock. I have always generally preferred worship music of the more soothing and sacred kind, and almost never listened to Christian Rock which was kind of just… noise… to me. :P But then my boyfriend – then a very []

The need to withdraw

In the morning, long before dawn, he got up and left the house and went off to a lonely place and prayed there. – Mk. 1:35 Understanding the need for solitude and prayer is important if we are to live centered lives. In order to find ourselves, we will almost always experience the need to withdraw from ‘regular’ social life. We may be less enthusiastic about meeting people or even corresponding with friends we are close to. This is a necessary phase []