During group sharing at the Alpha Course on Tuesday, I heard so many testimonies about how entering a relationship with God had changed lives for the better. It so happened that the stories shared in my group focused a lot on how great it feels… the lightness, the joy, the thrill of coming to know […]

4 August 2008

We started our anniversary celebration with a rather over-dressed breakfast at the West Coast Park McDonalds. Then, we were off to the Singapore Flyer where we finally got to use the 2 open tickets hubby previously bought. It was good to go on a Monday morning when there was no crowd to jostle with! I […]

Never enough

Even though I see you everyday, these days it never seems enough. We’re always busy doing things that need to be done, spending time with people we need to spend time with… even though I love that we can do all these things together, still, I miss having more quality time alone with you. Time […]

Tucked In

These days, you’ve been leaving for work before I wake up. Dimly through the fog of sleep, I feel you tuck the comforter around me and kiss me on my forehead before you go. And right then, even before I’m fully awake, I start missing you. In that simple action of tucking me in, you […]

I Miss…

I miss knocking off from work and coming home to find you waiting for me… I miss coming home to a nice hot meal that you prepared… I miss the tasty soups that you make… I miss telling you all about what happened at work… I miss hearing you tell me interesting stories about your […]