Blooper of the Day

Scene: Esso Gas Station in Clementi Ave 2. John wanted to go into the store with me so I had to go get his crutch which was in the trunk of the car. Me: *getting out of the driver’s seat* “你不要下车!我先去后面拿你的 CROTCH。”

What Hoo?

From time to time, Zibin and I will drift into inane conversation about the names of future kids. (Check out this old post to see what else has come up as unfortunate name candidates.) Today’s short interchange on the phone went like this: Me: Hey, if we have a daughter next time, can we name […]

Sa Sa & Me

Wanting, Melissa and I have very curious interpersonal dynamics. And I swear Melissa brings the TNT. Cos it’s so easy to go crazy when she’s around. If anyone raises their arms or leaves even a hint of unprotected belly flesh (whether exposed or not), you will see the devilish gleam in Melissa’s eyes as she […]